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How do you coach the iKids generation? Use this cool video app.

cool video app

How do you coach the iKids generation? Use this cool video app.

So, you’re the proud coach of a team of talented youngsters fizzing with youthful energy and genuine potential but there’s a problem – they can barely be parted from their smartphones and tablets long enough to play a match, never mind train for one. Young people may want to do sport, but technology can hamper that drive to succeed. A cool video app could help – and here’s how…

How do you expect to reach them with your motivational words of encouragement and wisdom? That’s so last century. Gone are the days of pointing at a blackboard with a piece of chalk and throwing a duster to demand their attention – talking tactics to iKids takes tact. You could try shouting – the old fashioned ‘hair-dryer’ treatment à la Sir Alex Ferguson – but, seriously, would they even be able to hear you with their earphones in and Spotify full blast? How are you ever going to ‘Get Noticed’?

And the answer is…

Well, fortunately, pro-soccer coach Guy Branston (37) has the answer: if you can’t beat them join them!

Following a long and colourful career as an uncompromising soccer centre-half (arguably, the fulcrum of any team) on the books of a remarkable 16 different clubs and earning the admiration of fans up and down the UK for his obvious commitment to the cause and bravery in defence, Guy has stayed in the game to share his enthusiasm and experience with young players as a scout and coach.

Observing first-hand how youngsters use digital communication technologies as unselfconsciously as breathing, canny Guy recognised immediately the possibilities of applying that same technology to the beautiful game.

The ‘Get Noticed’ cool video app was born with the aim of enabling raw talent to film themselves playing, track and highlight their skills. They can then share that footage online where scouts from professional organisations or colleges might see it and, hopefully, follow it up. But the App also provided a simple and easy way for coaches to film their respective athletes in training or during games.  The footage can then be used afterwards to discuss training and tactics, analysis of the opposition and look at ways to improve.

Old School To New World

It offers a bridge from traditional old school coaching to a brave new digital world. With the ‘Get Noticed’ app young soccer players, for example, can keep their coach’s instructions and advice handy on their smartphones and tablets to study at home.

Where they went right, where they went wrong (or, at least, left room for improvement), where the zonal marking broke down, how to beat the offside trap, everything and anything – all on a handy free, cool video app with their own amateur match highlighted in much the same way as the professional videos Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer use on Match of The Day to discuss the performance of the Premiership’s most celebrated stars – now that’s got to be better than blackboards and sheepskin jackets! You’ll have the full attention and backing of the youngsters in your team. With this app, everyone’s onside.

Many Sports Can Benefit

It doesn’t have to be soccer, of course, the ‘Get Noticed’ app is equally applicable to other sports – indeed any other business or educational interests – even the Tiddlywinks Champion of the World would be able to study his game and look for ways of improving his counter technique using this app.

Guy Branston happily acknowledges the fun to be had using his ‘Get Noticed’ app but he’s also completely serious about its use to bring raw talent, which might otherwise have been overlooked, to the attention of professional scouts or colleges.

‘Many youngsters dream of becoming a professional sportsperson,’ he says, ‘I understand that because I’ve lived the dream but pro-sport is a highly competitive world where only a few succeed. Many aspiring players have the talent required but not the temperament or they have the skills but not the fitness, or they bloom too early and fade. There are lots of criteria a modern sportsperson requires to reach the very highest levels of their game including mental toughness and self-sacrifice that is hard, if not impossible, to coach. I completely understand how much it means to young sportspeople because I love sport too.

‘My aim with the ‘Get Noticed’ app is firstly to make sure everyone with real promise and potential gets the recognition and appraisal they deserve but also that all sports players – at whatever age or level they compete at – can use it to improve their game and share the joy they feel in just playing their favourite sport to the very best of their ability.’

Download our free app now for iOS or Android.

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