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Endorsement from one of the UK’s top football agencies.

Hi All
We are pleased to announce that we received a wonderful endorsement from Top agency-Lee Philpott Management about our Getnoticedapp today & we want to share it with you.
The football agencies owner Lee Philpott contacted the Getnoticed social media direct to ask a few questions about the apps on Android & IOS. The Social media team contacted the agencies back and help them understand the app was very easy to use and sent them a few tutorials that are from our Getnoticed App Youtube Channel
Check out the endorsement from one of the UK’s top football agencies.
Lee Philpott, Director of LPM Football Agents said;
“As a company we are always looking for new and easy ways to showcase the players we represent.
We saw the posts from sports app Getnoticedapp on social media and were impressed by it’s innovative concept.
We sent recorded, tracked and edited footage to the Heads of Recruitment or Team Management at football clubs around the country and received positive feedback about the quality of the video footage and time saved  watching a video already edited and highlighted for them.
We have had a lot of success using the process to secure our players contracts or trials.
LPM would highly recommend the getnoticedapp to Sports Agents & Sport Recruitment companies.”
Keep The Positive News Coming
Kind Regards
CEO Guy Branston

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