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Better Nutrition, Better Sportsmanship

Every time an athlete shows up in the pitch, we can’t help but admire how easily they perform and of course their enthusiasm while doing it. Well, this is not just a face you can wear and waltz out to the fields with. The key behind every good athlete lies with their nutritionist. Having the charisma to last an hour on the field or a nine second sprint requires all the energy your body can harness. Yes, training does contribute a lot, but so does the heavy load of carbs and proteins they took right before they began those squats.

This is no sales pitch, it is what it is. However, the younger you are, the more the body demands, and with the sports industry hugely consisting of people aged between 13 and 30, there is a need to elaborate the various approaches to be taken and considered.

Targeted youth

Due to the optimal development and growth of a younger person’s body, the need to provide energy for it through macronutrients and micronutrients is vital. It is therefore important that the athlete optimizes performance by learning when, what and how to eat or drink before, during and after an activity.

This involves the understanding of a basic balanced diet that must contain; proteins, fats and carbs i.e. macronutrients and vitamins, minerals and fluids also known as micronutrients. This allows for basic providence of energy that enhances athletic performance and balances intake with expenditure. A basic breakdown of good nutrition would involve the following:


  • Carbohydrates: the major source of glucose for the body that is broken down to give energy.
  • Fats: this is the body’s source of vitamins and fatty acids that provide insulation and protect vital organs.
  • Proteins: these are essential for repair and replace of body cells, such as muscle, skin, nails and hair. During intense workouts and even play offs, proteins can help maintain blood glucose through the liver.

Micronutrients and fluids;

There are many vitamins in the nutrition chart, but as a young athlete, there are important ones to look out for at all times i.e.

  • Vitamin D: that is a necessity for bone health. There are very few sports that don’t pose a risk to our bones, this is a vital vitamin in your body.
  • Calcium: this is particularly useful for muscle contraction and enzyme activity. It can also be used by the body for bone rejuvenation.
  • Iron: is the one responsible for delivering oxygen to body tissues, lest they ‘pass out’ which can result in serious injuries not to mention the pain.
  • Water is a great substitute to all the fluids lost during practice and the game. Other fluids too can be used to regulate body temperatures and prevent heating up in humid conditions.

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Happy Eating!

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