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Why Quick Feet Is Important In Sports

Why Quick Feet Is Important In Sports

Quick feet is essential in sports, especially if one wants to become a top athlete. The main focus on quick feet is to improve the fast twitch muscles in your leg and also strengthen them. Being able to move your feet very quickly has a great impact on your performance as they can help you change direction, block, tackle, throw, sprint and even catch the ball effectively. It is important to train your feet first so that they have solid core strength, flexibility, and balance before you train your body because when your feet are weak, then the body is forced to compensate for the work that your feet can’t do.  Every person has speed, but to have quick feet you need to train and acquire the skill of being faster.

Developing quick feet requires one to do various drills and exercises and these challenges an athlete to move their feet as quickly as possible. Some of the tools used for drills include dot drills, ladders and agility rings. No matter what sport you do, the importance of quick feet include:

  • It improves your acceleration pace as you play a sport like rugby. Acceleration is not sped because with acceleration one can react quickly when faced with an opponent by accelerating, stopping abruptly and being able to re-accelerate much faster without hurting himself or the opponent.
  • It increases the range of motion and also activates the nervous system which enables one to get more strength and urge to play. As you quick feet train, you perform various body movements which help the body move in different patterns, hence helping your feet move in multiple directions, and you learn complex foot movement patterns.
  • Balance start with the feet so with good feet movement, one can achieve more body balance and be stable as they play.  A player needs to be stable enough when they are tackling an opponent or making a turn through the quick positioning of their feet and without falling.
  • It is a highly effective dynamic warm-up exercise that is developed for the football players.  It enables them to easily and quickly combine the various football specific movements such as stopping on a dime, combining multiple sharp cuts to trick a defender and opening the hips while on the move.
  • As you quick feet train, the brain gets involved, and it incorporates focus, balance, learning and coordination. It also stimulates the connections among the brain regions and demands them to work together for coordination purposes.
  • When you incorporate quick feet training with other exercises such as strength training, it helps you avoid plateaus and burnouts as it is another way of keeping your mind and body active.

When trying to achieve quick feet, it is best to do drills and exercises that are related to your particular sport, and this will make you learn faster and see the benefit much more quickly.  Training your feet to be quick will also change your body and performance level in the right direction.


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