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Relieve Stress with the Use of Emojis

Stress has become a common factor in our fast paced world. We are now more likely to face stress regardless of what stage or walk in life that you may be in. What is more, the stress levels in America continue to increase as the years go by,

According to  The Global Association for Stress, at least 75% of American adults suffer from moderate to high stress. Most of the individuals related to that percentage claim that their stress levels have increased over the past years.

Stress hence affects the productivity of people at work and at home. One of the leading causes of stress being work related stress. The American Institute of Stress backs this fact by stating that at least 80% of the working population admit to struggling with stress.

However, stress is not something that has to be a lifelong struggle. There are ways of dealing and treating it. One of them is exercise and diet. There is one more discovery that does help reduce stress effectively: The use of emojis.

Technology has literally broken passed the boundaries and is making every aspect of life manageable. And now technology incorporates the use of emojis in a bid to relieve stress and improve mood. How, exactly, do you ask? Well, let us take a look.

Track Your Mood

One great example of an App that helps one track the emotions using emojis is Emoodji. Emoodji was launched by a Mental Health Charity referred to as Mind to help university students deal with stress.

Emojis Reflect Attitudes and Emotions

Emojis reflect emotions and attitudes. May people use them to display and convey how they feel. However, studies have shown that emojis that convey joy and happiness can make one feel happier.

Studies have connected this to the effect on attitude on emotions. If you smile, then you feel happier. Using happier emojis will make you smile and hence, feel happier.  What is more, some apps allow you to shape your emojis according to whatever shape you like.

In conclusion, most people struggle to build their career to where it should be. With this new app, you can relieve your stress by the use of emoji’s, and get a chance to build your name.

I am alluding to the new Getnoticed App that is available for all IOS and Android devices. The app enables you to record your own videos and upload them on YouTube. It also allows you to use emojis for the viewer’s enjoyment. In a way, this not only improves your mood, but the viewer’s mood too.

You can also track our videos accordingly, and even share them on any social media site. This app is especially beneficial for Athletes or sports enthusiasts that wish to showcase their talent to the world. You no longer have to wait for your big break, you can make it happen with the Getnoticed app.

For more information on the app, please visit their website at So what are you waiting for? Download the app for a brighter future.


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