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Showcase talent to a worldwide audience with getnoticed app.. read how…

Has there ever been a time where you had a great moment in sports and wish it was recorded for family and friends to see? More importantly, if you wish to persue your sports career beyond high school or recreational leagues to the collegiate levels, you need recruiters to see what you can do. In a world of high-speed internet and instant access to videos, it’s important for recruiters to see your abilities as quickly as possible. How can you do this?


The perfect solution is the Get Noticed App, which allows you to instantly and simply show the world what skills you have. The Get Noticed App is created by pro footballer Guy Branston and features video tracking, build in video recording and editing, ability to import your most important videos from YouTube, ability to share videos on various social media and much more.


While the app is great for footballers, it will also work for those who play any sport such as baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf and tennis. Sorts recruiters using the app will get hig quality videos instantly to there phones from Get Noticed App user via the share features in the app. This app is also great for the average person who simply wants to capture and save videos for personal use.


The app has a intuitive user interfact which allows a user to quickly get a video, upload it to YouTube and instantly get their talents showcased for the world to see. A great feature of the app which enhances this process is video highlighting, where you can highlight a person, several people or objects, making everything relevent stand out.


Don’t wait, download the app today to your Apple or Android and start capturing the great moments of your sporting life for either personal use or to enhance your chances of getting noticed. This app can greatly increase your chances of getting the attention you deserve, so don’t miss out.

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