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Slam dunk, touchdown, homerun, ace! Tap this video App and Get Noticed.

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One of soccer’s good guys, Guy Branston is a hard working former professional who brings the accumulated wisdom and experience of a long and much-travelled career in the game to his current scouting and coaching roles. He devised and developed the ‘Get Noticed’ video App – re-launched this month in a new and improved form – with the aim of giving aspiring sport stars a platform to display their skills and reach the attention of professional clubs.

The android version of this video app has now been updated – so it has even more features.  Check it out now.

But as soon as the free App came onto the market, it became apparent that it could be a highly useful tool far beyond sport. In fact, truth be told, the only limits to the use of the ‘Get Noticed’ App is your imagination.

Basketball, American football, baseball, tennis – whatever your favourite sport the App had the potential to improve your game and raise your profile too. For what ‘Get Noticed’ offers is an easy-to-use way of shooting and editing a video, tracking or highlighting something in the film before sharing on social media in an instant – slam dunk, touchdown, homerun, ace!

With Guy’s background and interests, he naturally gravitated towards the App’s use as a tool for soccer scouts (bringing raw talent to their attention) and coaches (enabling them to discuss tactics with a accessible visual aid) but he’s thrilled and delighted that so many other surprising and innovative uses are being identified all the time and believes that the App has the potential to reach people of all ages in a myriad of professions.

‘The beauty of the ‘Get Noticed’ App,’ Guy explains, ‘is that it is simple to download and use. You don’t have to have any technical ability to use it effectively. The instructions are brief and self-explanatory which means the App is quick and easy to learn and accessible to absolutely everyone. That’s really important to me because what matters, of course, is not the medium but the message you’re trying to get across. So, really, what’s stopping you? The only question left is to ask: what do you want to Get Noticed?’

Whether you play golf, ice hockey or practice martial arts – analysing your technique on film is a crucial step in mastering your moves. And once you’re a master, the world really needs to know about it.

The skateboarding community, for example, have always been edgy innovators and, long before other sports got wise to the possibilities, were keen users of new technology to film their most daring jumps and flips – often as urban outlaws in locations where the sport was officially prohibited. Filming the action to keep and share later with skateboarding friends is still a big part of the scene and the ‘Get Noticed’ App is a good fit for boarders.

Videos can be shot and edited, individuals tracked or highlighted, and the results posted on social media all before the next boarder hits the ramps. So, whether it’s for your child’s first trundle on a birthday skateboard or for the wheelies, pivots, kickflips, slalom or the Bertlemann slides of the true aficionados, the ‘Get Noticed’ App works for you.

The possibilities are endless and uses for the ‘Get Noticed’ App are not limited to sports…

Being able to track or highlight something in a short film is obviously very useful for training purposes in all kinds of industries and sectors. Health and safety, for example – although unfairly lampooned in popular culture as being overly cautious and risk-averse – has nevertheless saved thousands of lives every year with a better understanding and awareness of work place and industrial hazards. Officers responsible for training staff can use ‘Get Noticed’ as a handy and instructive tool to highlight dangers and track behaviour likely to cause accident or injury.

So, whether it’s your first day at a new job or you’re at risk of complacency in an over-familiar work environment the ‘Get Noticed’ App can work for you.

But, the possibilities for the ‘Get Noticed’ video App are not limited to sport or work…

Imagine the scene: proud parents or grandparents filming their kids performing at the back of the stage in the chorus line of the school play. The talented acting or singing of an unsung future star can be tracked or highlighted with ‘Get Noticed’ and shared instantaneously – before the interval even! – with friends and family on social media and next year, you’ll see, with their true talents recognised they’ll have a front-of-stage starring role.

Use ‘Get Noticed’ the following years and – who knows – Broadway might beckon and Hollywood holler.

Fun or serious, work or play, Guy Branston’s free, accessible and multi-purpose video App offers a great means for you to send a message to the world – so, no excuses, don’t be overlooked, ‘Get Noticed’.

Download for iOS | Download for Android

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