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Want To Be A Pro Sports Star? Then Start Acting Like One

Want To Be A Pro Sports Star? Then Start Acting Like One


Becoming a professional sports player is a dream shared by millions of young men and women across the globe.


It’s a fierce arena to break into and the chances are that, even if you’re a talented player, you will face a number of hurdles en route to securing a professional sports contract. However, you can work the odds in your favour by employing the right tactics.


Every sports player has to start somewhere. Whether you’re eight or 18, these five tips should give you the best chance of turning that dream into a reality. Alternatively, if you’re a parent, use the advice to help your child.


Tip 1: Practice Makes Perfect


Natural talent is a fundamental requirement of any aspirational sports star. Nevertheless, that ability still needs to be nurtured in the right manner. The only way to do that is with hours on the pitches or courts.


Even if you aren’t yet in a professional environment surrounded by coaches, you can still find hundreds of drills via the internet, magazines, and books. Sport is an education and the right routines will enable you to develop your best attributes – as well as the ones that require a little more work.


Similarly, you should take every opportunity to improve your understanding and reading of the game. The best thing you can do at this stage, however, is play at the best standard currently available. Playing with and against better sports players will aid your growth as a player while boosting your hopes of getting spotted too.


Tip 2: Be An Athlete


The world of professional sport has evolved massively in the last 25 years. Nowadays, quality with a ball at your feet isn’t enough. Gaining a physical edge could make all the difference between success and failure; after all, that’s just one less concern that a coach, scout, or agent will have regarding your potential.


Take Cristiano Ronaldo as an example. While you don’t necessarily need the adonis-like body of the Real Madrid superstar, keeping yourself in great shape is more vital than ever. Ultimately, it will allow you to perform at a far higher standard. 


If you’re going to make it as a pro, you need to accept that nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices all play a massive role. Given that leading a healthier, more dedicated life can only boost your hopes, it’s best to start following those strategies immediately.


Tip 3: Network


For most people, sport is an activity of leisure. However, if you’re serious about turning your love of the game into a career, you need to start treating yourself as a one-man/woman business. Arguably the most important lesson you can learn from that arena is that it’s who you know that really counts.


Without contacts, it will be extremely difficult to ever make a name for yourself. Unfortunately, this is one of the main contributing factors as to why so many skilled individuals slip through the net.


Finding information is a relatively easy job as most professional clubs supply contact details on their websites. Meanwhile, social network platforms can help you directly contact the right scouts, agents, and managers and even sponsership. Given that talent scouting is far more common than open trial days, establishing those connections is key.


Tip 4: Stand Out


Building a list of contacts is one thing, but you need to give those people a reason to take note. Football is a hectic business and the sheer volume of people aspiring to be the next Lionel Messi or Paul Pogba is too much. Essentially, if you aren’t prepared to go the extra mile, there’s a very good chance that you’ll get lost amongst the crowd.


Creating a Sporting CV is very advantageous as it shows you’ve taken your applications seriously. Perhaps more importantly, though, professional sports clubs or colleges and high schools will need to actively see what you can do. Using the Get Noticed App can become your secret weapon in this arena. Produce a highlights reel, and you’ll instantly stand out from the vast majority of other aspiring sports men/women boys & girls. Track and highlight your best sporting moments using the special features build into the app. Use the quickly on a IOS or Android touch screen device then share them around to big an audience.

After all, those experts are more likely to watch a 2-3 minute clip than travel 100 miles to watch a player that hasn’t been recommended.


Spark that initial interest, and you’ll be in a far stronger position going forward. Apart from anything else, you can track and analyse your performance to further improve your game.


Tip 5: Be Prepared For Disappointment


Sports is a game of opinions, and not every coach or talent recruitment team will appreciate what you have to give. Your personality is almost as important as your skill, and learning to develop a thick skin is crucial because, ultimately, very few sports players enjoy a smooth path from start to finish.


Once again, you never stop learning as a sports player. Whether it’s a club trial or a normal weekend match, you should never shy away from seeking feedback. Not every opinion will count, but consuming more information can only support your cause. Naturally, having the right tools to impress and build connections will only boost your hopes further.


And if you do encounter a setback, don’t let it put you off. Hundreds of players have been turned down by clubs only to achieve far greater success at an even better level. If you truly have the talent and keep doing the right things, that hard work will eventually pay off.

Thanks for reading this blog and look out for more this year…..

Blog by Liam Newman @thatliamnewman

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